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How do I know if therapy is suitable for me?

Below are some of the things that people often ask:

Is therapy only for people who are depressed?

Most people are surprised when they find out that therapy isn't only for people who are ill! People from a wide-range of backgrounds engage in therapy, and find it positive and affirming.

How will therapy help me grow?

This is so important. Good therapy enables personal growth and is empowering. It is a partnership between you and the therapist and is formulated to meet your goals and aspirations. 

Isn't therapy very expensive?

It needn't be! It takes time and considerable resources to train a therapist, and that's reflected in the rates we offer; therapy is very much an investment in ourselves, our wellbeing, and our future.

Are there any other services I can access?

Yes, if individual therapy is not for you, we offer a range of online seminars on mental health and promoting wellbeing.